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At our lasertag venue, we place a high priority on the safety of our customers. We have implemented a number of safety policies and procedures to minimize the risk of injury during gameplay. However, it is important to note that participating in lasertag involves physical activity and carries some inherent risk of injury.

We encourage all players to take personal responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others. This includes wearing appropriate outfits, following all game rules and instructions, and avoiding reckless or dangerous behavior. Players who engage in unsafe behavior or violate the rules of the game may be removed from the game at the discretion of our staff.

Our equipment and facilities are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that they are safe for use. However, we cannot guarantee that accidents or injuries will not occur. Therefore, by participating in our lasertag games, all players agree to assume full responsibility for any injuries that may occur during gameplay.

We ask that all players inform our staff of any medical conditions or injuries that may affect their ability to play. Our staff members are trained in basic first aid and emergency procedures and will be on hand in case of any injuries or emergencies.

Please note that our staff will not be held responsible for any injuries that occur during gameplay. By entering and participating in our lasertag games, all players agree to hold harmless our company and staff from any claims arising from injuries that may occur.

We believe that lasertag can be a fun and exciting activity when played safely and responsibly, and we look forward to providing our customers with a memorable experience.

Lasertag Safety

Here are some general safety guidelines to follow when participating in lasertag:

1. Wear appropriate outfit: Always wear appropriate sports outfit in the venue, to minimize the risk of injury.

2. Follow game rules and instructions: Pay close attention to the rules and instructions provided by the venue staff, and follow them carefully to maximize safety and prevent accidents.

3. Avoid physical contact: Do not engage in physical contact with other players or staff members, as this can lead to injuries.

4. Avoid running or rough play: Running or engaging in rough play can increase the risk of accidents and injuries. Move carefully and deliberately, and avoid any behavior that could be considered reckless.

5. Do not modify equipment: Do not modify or tamper with the lasertag equipment in any way, as this can compromise safety and lead to equipment malfunctions.

6. Do not aim at the head or face: Do not aim the laser gun at anyone's head or face, as this can cause injuries. Aim at the gun or vest instead.

7. Use caution when moving around obstacles: Be careful when moving around obstacles in the arena, as they can be slippery or unstable.

8. Notify staff of any medical conditions: If you have any medical conditions or injuries that could affect your ability to play, notify the venue staff before participating in the game.

By following these safety guidelines, you can minimize the risk of accidents and injuries while enjoying the excitement and fun of lasertag.

Please note that when you're entering the Resalaser's arena, you agree to accept unconditionally the terms of this disclaimer, and clearly understand that there are potential risks in all sports.

Payment Methods 

- Master / Visa Cards
- FPS/Alipay

- Offline Payments

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