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The biggest Lasertag
venue in Hong Kong 
since 2015


Why ResaLaser HK ?

After its sixteen years of popularity in Taiwan’s well-known 147 Sports Theme Park, Resalaser is now bringing the exciting lasertag experience to Hong Kong. The game is played with low degrees of laser lights, allowing a safe and painless, fun and exciting combat experience. We’ve collaborated with an experienced Amercian professional team to invent new equipment which is a 147-NSLT system that surpassess the old style infra-red lasers. With increasing accuracy and sense of reality, the new 147-NSLT system uses laser lights that are highly directional and have low degrees of diffusion.

There are various game modes with different levels of intensity allowing for a various age groups or group functions to have their own personalized experience. Professional strategic players are also welcome for an exciting tactical game.

ResalaserHK's first branch began to establish at Mong Kok since 2015. And now comprises two branches at Kwun Tong and Lai Chi Kok D2 Place one where are exceed 10,000sq ft and accomodate up to 150 guests. We keep providing Lasertag activities along with multifunctional and creative party areas designed for any parties, companies' events and gathering.

Game Modes 

variety of modes, variety of fun!


free for all

No teamates!

You're on your own!

limited lives

Still unlimited ammo, but limited lives, play carefully now!

the unlimited

Unlimited lives, unlimited ammo, shoot your hearts out for 10 whole minutes!

the vip

Protect your VIP! If he/she's out, the whole team goes down with him/her!

the zombie invasion

Evacuation arrives in 3 minutes! Will you survive until extraction or become one of "them"?

and more!

Feel free to ask us for more game modes!


Whom we serve

Birthday parties

ResaLaser HK has been held over 5,000 groups of Laser tag birthday parties and events since 2015. 
Gorgeous party rooms/areas design, premier customer service plus indoor Laser tag games to bring you an exhilarating experience you won't forget!

Team buildings

We provide with multiple games scenarios that strategic planning, communication skills and team of cooperation involved. We also provide professional trainers offer for company members. Let in touch with our CS team to get more details!

Friends or family fun day

We offer customized packages and rates for groups seeking for an amazing experience at Resalaser HK. That’s what makes us the perfect spot for your upcoming events.

Kwun Tong Branch

Shooting area_edited.jpg

Laser Tag Arena

Take you to our 5,000 sq ft. of Laser tag battle zone! Fall in for exciting Laser tag fun. It's the wild place where to gather with friends, family, or coworkers for an action-packed adventure. Summon your  squad for a Laser tag challenge!!

party hall_edited_edited.jpg

Main Party Area

Our main party area have tables for your party food, space ship designed theme for photo taking, and equipped with entertainments such as projector, 150" screen for karaoke, tv games, basketball machine, table tennis, ping pong table etc. Min 25 pax and up to 100 pax for booking

Seaview New_edited.jpg

Seaview Party Room

Our seaview party room has karaoke, mahjong, pool table, dart and golf game for adults groups from 10 pax to up to 30 pax to have a relax and fun time

Kids Room_edited.jpg

Kids Party Room

The kids party has a colourful theme room , with Nintendo Switch, mini soccer game, mega Jenga, with refrigerator for groups from 6-15 pax

kwun tong store Fee:

Each Laser Tag Player:

$198/1 hour


$398/3 hours

$498/4 hours

Each hour can enjoy 2 rounds of laser tag,

Or unlimited rounds if exclusively booking the whole venue